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Donate For DotThis is the story of Dot, a bunny that the LV-HRS came to know while assisting their owner. While the LVHRS was helping educate the owner about proper rabbit care and was monitoring Dot’s progress, it became clear that immediate medical intervention was necessary when Dot was going into shock, had ceased eating and pooping and was having difficulty breathing. We implored the owner to transport her to Aloha Animal Hospital before it was too late which the owner did.

While boarding the bunny for veterinary supervision while out of town for a day or so, the owner also made it clear that her family was unable to pay for anything but minimal veterinary services and if released could not provide adequate supportive care to recover her.

When Dot was found to be critically ill, needing extensive veterinary care to survive, her human surrendered ownership to the LV-HRS.

Dottie has since spent many days at the Aloha Animal Hospital and ultimately underwent surgery to remove a major blockage. Thankfully, Dot has survived the operation and is currently recovering. Though not out of danger yet, the procedure was life saving, giving Dot her best chance at avoiding uncertain pain and death.

But now the LV-HRS is in need, hoping that supporters will step in to help them survive the costs associated with Dot’s care.

“In all my years of rescuing bunnies, we have never had such a fighter with such a will to live. Dot did not eat or poop on her own for 7 days. I’ve never seen a rabbit survive without their intestinal track functioning for that period of time! We have never had a bunny needing hospitalization for 12 days either — they typically do not live if they have this grave of an ileus and subsequent blockage. The cost is overwhelming. But Dot is still with us and we are blessed that she is so strong.” – Maria LV-HRS Chapter Manager

As an all volunteer non-profit organization, the Las Vegas House Rabbit Society depends on the generosity of their supporters to continue the work of saving rabbits in need. We are hoping that those supporters will come forward to help with costs incurred by Dot’s care.

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so online by using Paypal or Charities For Good, links to each can be found below.

You can also donate by contacting the Aloha Animal Hospital directly, at 702-567-5222, and making a contribution towards Dot’s hospital bill. Just let them know you are a supporter of Dot and the Las Vegas HRS!

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