About Us

lvhrslogoThe Las Vegas House Rabbit Society is a non profit, all volunteer rabbit rescue organization. Due to limited resources and difficulties in finding committed foster homes, the LV-HRS has placed on moratorium on accepting new intakes and is focusing efforts on the long term sanctuary care of rabbits already in their system.

The LV-HRS is still in need of donations to help care for our sanctuary rabbits. Our all-volunteer status means that every penny, of every donation, goes to helping the rabbits in our care, as well as in our community. We rely on donations from supporters to fund our work.

The LV-HRS is Focused on Education.

As part of our rescue mission, the LV-HRS is committed to educating the public on proper rabbit care. Our hope is to decrease the numbers of surrendered and abandoned rabbits by offering advice to those experiencing behavioral issues with their bunnies. We also aim to curb the number of purchased rabbits and steer people towards the adoption of many of the hundreds of rescue rabbits available in area shelters.

For more than 13 years, the LV-HRS has supported the community through education, spay/neuter programs and adoption. With your help and support, we can continue this important work! The Las Vegas House Rabbit Society is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, licensed by the National House Rabbit Society.

To contact the Las Vegas House Rabbit Society, email us at: lvhrsorg@gmail.com or fill out the form below

Please Note: The LV-HRS cannot offer advice in the case of a medical emergency! If you believe your bunny is ill, or if you have found an injured or abandoned wild rabbit rabbit, please get in touch with Aloha Animal Hospital at 702-567-5222. The LV-HRS is not a rabbit shelter. We cannot care for surrendered rabbits as there is simply no place to house them or funds to care for them. Please do not send email asking us to take in your unwanted rabbit.