Rabbit Sanctuary and Education

The Las Vegas House Rabbit Society is a registered chapter of the National HRS. We are a nonprofit, all volunteer rabbit rescue group, currently focusing our efforts on education. Though the LV-HRS has offered rescue and adoption services in the past we are now a sanctuary, dedicated to the long term care of the rabbits already within our system. There is simply no place to shelter new intakes and no funds to supply them with the food or veterinary care they’d need.

The LV-HRS is still in need of support from the community to help us continue to provide care for our sanctuary rabbits and keep our website online. With our new focus on education we hope to raise awareness and decrease the numbers of abandoned rabbits in Vegas. There are many hundreds of homeless rabbits waiting for adoption in area shelters. We urge anyone interested in a bunny to adopt one of these shelter rabbits. We ask anyone wanting to surrender their rabbit to reconsider and instead aim to solve the issues that might have lead to the decision. The LV-HRS can offer advice to help improve your relationship with your rabbit.

To make an online contribution, please visit our Donations page. If you are interested in donating time to help area rabbits, check out our Volunteer page.